Buy an MPCL for VC2008 License

How to Buy :

  1. Fill in the License Name box with the name of your company or your full name. This is the the name that will be shown in the MPCL license.
  2. Click on the below buy button and then you will be redirected to a paypal secure server.
  3. Specify the number of licenses you want to purchase in the Quantity box and press the Update Totals button. Price is 39.93€ per license.
  4. You can pay with your paypal account or with your credit card, so fill in all required data and your email.
  5. After the payment you will be redirected to this web site again.
  6. The license will be sent to the email specified in the payment page when we receive confirmation of the transaction.


Available by buying 10 or more licenses. Send me an email for more information.