Version History (VC2008)

Version 1.04

(Free upgrade for licenses purchased after 26/09/2009)
  • Added command line enable / disable
  • Added MPCL configuration dialog box to start menu.
  • Fixed Visual Studio corruption when other parallel compilation software is installed.
  • Added compatibility with code analysis
  • Internal minor fixes.

Version 1.02

  • Fixed licensing bug in Windows Vista 64 bit.
  • Fixed bug for projects with long project settings.

Version 1.0

  • Support for smart projects (ARM).
  • Support for Edit and Continue.
  • MPCL menu entry properly removed after uninstallation.
  • Safer VStudio integration.
  • Internal minor fixes.

Important info about beta versions of MPCL.

Starting on February, the 1st, MPCL should warn about the expiration of the beta relase on March, but due to a bug, if you use MPCL to compile a project that import or compile COM components, the compilation stops at the beginning and you get some errors in the output window. I Apologize for this inconvenient and encourage you to download the 1.0 release trial that fix that bug.

Version 0.73b

  • Fixed bug when compiling some filenames in uppercase
  • Fixed bug when compiling some projects imported from VS2003
  • Fixed some internal bugs that allow to compile more projects properly.

Version 0.70b

  • First publised version for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.